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Internal Communications Plan

Our Internal Communications Plan is a tailored roadmap for small businesses and startups undergoing expansion. We step into your growing ecosystem, examine existing systems, and assess future needs. Using these insights, we craft a scalable, efficient internal communications strategy. This plan boosts collaboration, enhances transparency, and supports your ongoing growth. 

This service includes:

A comprehensive audit of your current communication systems to identify areas for improvement

A bespoke internal communications strategy tailored to fit your business as it grows and evolves

Clear communication protocols designed to minimize misunderstandings and streamline decision-making processes

Strategies to encourage stronger relationships and cooperation between departments, vendors, and partners

By streamlining internal communication, we help increase overall team productivity and job satisfaction

What our clients have to say

“Great work, very thorough analysis of our needs and went above and beyond! Would hire again without question.”

“Best consultation of 2017.  An expert team, highly recommended for small or large jobs or projects.”

“They did a FANTASTIC job on our project. They are enthusiastic, hard working, knowledgeable, have a ton of experience to draw from. And that is why I enthusiastically endorse them!”

Growing Pains?

Bigger team? More vendors? Overflowing customer queries? Sounds like someone’s hit the growth jackpot! Congratulations, your small business is blossoming. But while growth is exhilarating, it comes with its own set of growing pains. Suddenly, it feels like your internal communications have turned into a game of broken telephone. Messages are lost, wires are crossed, and your once cozy team feels like a sprawling metropolis.

Rapid growth can feel like you’re building an airplane while in flight. There’s a flurry of new faces, burgeoning partnerships, a surge in customer requests, not to mention the increasing interest from the media. Navigating this exciting but tumultuous journey demands more than just another Slack channel or yet another memo. It calls for a well-orchestrated, scalable internal communications plan.

Transforming Chaos Into Concert

Enter Krazy Fish Media, with a master plan for managing your growing company’s internal communications. We step into your bustling business, conduct a thorough audit of your current systems, and get a grasp of your expanding needs. With these insights, we create a custom, long-term plan for seamless internal communications, ensuring your company continues to hum beautifully, no matter how big the choir gets.

What You Can Expect 

Our Internal Communications Plan is designed to do more than just keep everyone on the same page. We aim to:


  • Improve Efficiency: By establishing clear communication protocols, we minimize misunderstanding, speed up decision-making, and eliminate repetitive or unnecessary communications.
  • Boost Collaboration: Our strategies encourage stronger relationships and improved cooperation between departments, vendors, partners, and even customers.
  • Enhance Transparency: Through regular updates and open channels, we foster an environment of trust and transparency.
  • Support Growth: Our plans are designed with scalability in mind, ensuring they serve you not just now, but as you continue to grow and evolve.

Get Started

Ready to transform it into a harmonious melody that resonates throughout your growing business? Let Krazy Fish Media conduct your Internal Communications Symphony. Reach out today to book a consultation. Because growth should sound like music to your ears, not a discordant note.